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Why would I benefit from a fashion stylist?


We are busy and our time is valuable.  Women often prioritize ourselves last, which is not to say we do not care about how we look, but there are other seemingly more important things to do first.  As your stylist, I am your trusted source for an honest opinion and fashion advice.  My goal is to leave you with a well-equipped, well-organized wardrobe.   To me, this means a head-to-toe assortment that aligns with your lifestyle.

What is the difference between the services of a stylist and subscribing to a personal styling service such as Stitch Fix or LeTote?


While personal styling services are convenient and can be helpful in adding pieces to your assortment, they are missing the personal link that a stylist offers.  I believe there is much to be gained by the connection made in getting to know a client, understanding their lifestyle and seeing their closet firsthand.


How can you style me if we don’t have a similar aesthetic, nor we do share the same lifestyle?

The goal is not to mimic my style, but to define each woman’s personal aesthetic.  This takes time and honest dialogue. It’s truly a collaborative effort.

What is the typical timeframe for each project?


Timeframes vary by client.  After our initial meeting, I will be able to define the scope of the project and provide you with an estimated time for completion.  


How do I book an appointment?

Send me a message using the Book Now tab to book an appointment.  



What is your availability?


I offer a flexible schedule.  However, I do not work on Mondays and on major holidays.

I am opposed to buying fast fashion.  Can we still work together?


Absolutely!  There are plenty of options that do not involve fast fashion. While fast fashion can be alluring for many reasons, it also comes with moral repercussions. 


*I highly recommend TRUE COST, a NETFLIX documentary that sheds light on the consequences of the fast fashion industry. 

Do you work with men?


My professional experience has been with women’s wear and that is where my passion continues to grow. 

What if I fall under a specialty size - Petite, Plus, etc?


There are many options for specialty sizes, most of which are available online.  However, many stores are slowly expanding their sizing range.

What type of payment do you accept?

PayPal or Zelle are accepted at this time. 

What is your cancellation policy?

I require 24-hour notice for cancellation.

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